Springtime is here in Ojai

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Springtime is here in Ojai!  (Check out for you self on our webcam)


Wishing you could spend some quality time enjoying our Ojai wonderland.  Yes, there is enough to go around, although we have some long time Ojaians that want to keep our little valley a secret.

2010 is now a memory and the 2011 has welcomed Ojai with snowflakes.  Yes, the last time it snowed in the town of Ojai was about 13 years ago.  We generally get snow cap mountains which you can see for yourself on our webcam overlooking the Topa Topa bluffs, however, not in town.  The days will now grow longer, and we turn our thoughts to the many blessings we have enjoyed in the year gone by. Despite the many challenges in today’s world, we find our hearts are filled with gratitude, and here are some of the reasons for our contentment.

OUR GUESTS! We feel truly fortunate that so many interesting and friendly people pass through our doors. After 30 years of welcoming travelers to Ojai, the pleasure of saying “Thank you for choosing our Inn” is still genuine. We understand that travel can be stressful and that satisfying dreams is a tall order, so the kind comments and thoughtful feedback we receive is always welcome. We appreciate every single visitor who crosses our thresh-hold and gives us the opportunity to help him or her enjoy the very things we cherish about the Shangri-La.

OUR STAFF! Having tenured staff who remember your guests and address them by name is a treasure beyond price. Not a day goes by when we are not aware that the world of hospitality often has a revolving door that can rapidly channel staff in and out. The fact that our staff stays with us for years is an honor of which we strive to be worthy. From the laundry to the maintenance crew, from the front desk to the housekeepers, we thank you all, each and everyone, for your dedication and commitment. Our guests feel like family, because our staff is our family!

OUR OWNERS! It probably goes without saying, but a well-run property can only operate successfully from the top down. Having a family ownership since the beginning, and knowing that this same person built the property from the ground up, we are able to ensure that the Inn will always look and feel her best.  We truly appreciate our guest input on areas of improvement and suggestions because our Casa Ojai has felt the loving care of our owners whose taste, instincts and attention to detail have led to our success. Thank you, Ben and Wendy!

OUR CITY! It is so uplifting to live in such a unique and inspirational spot! Ojai always seems to be on the mind of our travelers.  Whether hearing about Ojai through TV shows such as Brothers & Sisters or such recent hits as Easy A or simply knowing about Ojai for its outdoor beauty, activities and arts. Our sublime climate, our perfect secret valley size, the presence of world-class theater and arts, the blend of native cultures, delicious cuisine, the beautiful natural surroundings, all these things combine to keep us here and allow us to offer a variety of experiences to our visitors.  That’s what keeps our families here and that’s what keeps our guest coming back!  Please visit us soon, as we will keep you filled with activities while maintaining our motto of “your comfort is our concern”.


For those who have yet to visit, we invite you to discover the charms of our city and our Inn! And for those who return to us again and again, our thanks for helping us create a home away from home in Ojai!

From all of us at Ojai Hospitality Group, we hope to see you soon!

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