Pet Friendly Accomodations in Ojai

Ojai dog friendly hotels - Casa Ojai Inn


Service Animal Policy


We are happy to allow a limited number of dogs and comfort animals here at Casa Ojai for a $25.00 fee per night/per pet under agreed-upon conditions. California Civil Code Section 54.2(b) requires us to admit Sight dogs, Signal dogs, and Service dogs in training, and for these there is no daily fee. Support, emotional support, and comfort dogs do not fall under this category because they have not been trained to perform a specific task, therefore the daily fee will be charged.


We only have certain rooms designated as pet friendly rooms. Guests traveling with dogs may not occupy any room other than those designated as a pet room. Be sure to request a pet friendly room upon making your reservation. Guests who do not disclose their pets will be charged a fee of $100 per pet and appropriate cleaning charges. Cats are not allowed in guest rooms.


Pet owners agree not to use the hotel’s room personal property to feed, bathe, bed, restrain, or contain their pet for any reason during the stay. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of hotel’s linens, towels, bedding, blankets, ice buckets, vanity, bathtub, and furniture.

Pets must be attended by the guest at all times. Pets may never be left alone in the guest room or in a vehicle parked on hotel premises. Dogs are to be on a leash or in an appropriate cage, crate, or kennel at all times when outside the room.


Pet owner will be responsible for cleanup and disposal of all pet waste. In case of an unexpected accident, there are baggies available at the front office.


Should the pet disturb the peace of any other guest, the pet owner will rectify the situation immediately, or pay in full for his/her stay and vacate the property.


Pets are not allowed in the pool area or the lobby at any time.


Pet owners must have a credit card authorized at check-in. In the case of any damages caused by the pet including, but not limited to, damage to personal property, furniture, furnishings, window coverings, carpet, and fleas, the guest agrees to pay for all damages.