Pet Friendly Accomodations in Ojai

Ojai dog friendly hotels - Casa Ojai Inn


Our Dog Policy and Agreement 


At Casa Ojai Inn, your comfort and well-being matter. That is why we’ve designated rooms to accommodate your furry friends.  


If you’d like to include your dog during your stay with us, no problem, but we ask that you notify us in advance of your stay and agree to and abide by our dog policy. 

  • The guest will pay a $39.00 fee per night/per dog. (Service dogs excepted*)
  • A dog designated room must be requested upon booking of reservation.
  • Owners of dog guests must obtain credit card authorization at check-in.
  • The guest must always accompany his/her dog(s). 
  • Accompanied dogs are only permitted in rooms designated by the hotel.
  • Non-disclosure of any animal brought on property will result in a fee of $150 per animal per night.
  • Animals other than dogs accompanied by a guest are not permitted on hotel property.
  • Dog owners will not use hotel property to feed, bathe, bed, restrain, or contain their dog during their stay. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of hotel linens, towels, bedding, blankets, ice buckets, vanities, bathtubs, and furniture.
  • Dogs must always be on a leash or in an appropriate cage, crate, or kennel when outside the room.
  • The guest is responsible for cleanup and disposal of all waste from his/her dog(s). For guest convenience, baggies are available at the front office.
  • The guest is responsible for the conduct of his/her dog(s). At the discretion and request of the hotel manager, should a guest’s dog(s) disturb the peace of another guest, the guest responsible for the disturbance will immediately terminate his/her stay and pay for his/her entire reservation period.
  • The guest is responsible, and will be charged, for any damage caused by his/her dog(s), or related insects, including, but not limited to, damage to property, furnishings, fixtures, walls, window coverings, carpet, and foregone room rent, taxes and fees.


Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you and your dog an enjoyable stay. 


* Pursuant to California Civil Code Section 54.2(b), additional fees for a Sight dog, a Signal Dog, or a Service dog in training with a duly authorized identification tag will be waived.